Amino Diet Tips To Succeed!

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Amino Diet Tips To Succeed!

If you are just beginning the Amino Diet or you have been on it for awhile, or maybe you are just trying to be a little healthier - these tips / reminders will help you reach your goals!

  1. Check your Spices!  Spices must be used with caution.  Check all ingredients for any un-approved foods, any form of sugar (brown, white, maltose, dextrose, etc.), starch (modified corn starch), and/or any kind of vegetable oil. (i.e. garlic salt or taco seasoning can have sugar and modified corn starch… not acceptable!)
  2. DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING WITH ASPARTAME!  It’s very important to stay away from diet sodas or any source of aspartame. Also, you need to stay away from all forms of MSG (monosodium glutamate). Aspartame and MSG can and will cross the blood-brain barrier affecting the hypothalamus, which will actually make you feel more hungry.
  3. Drink lots of water.  A good goal is to try and drink half your body weight in ounces of water or liquid each day.  (i.e. If I weigh 180 lbs… half my body weight is 90 lbs… I should try and drink 90 ounce of water each day). If you can't drink that much than shoot for 64 ounces of water per day.
  4. Make sure only lean beef is used.  Many participants can quicken weight loss by eating less beef and more chicken or approved fish/seafood, in particular.
  5. Weigh your meat PRECOOKED!  Weighing protein after cooking can make quite a difference in the recommended serving.
  6.  Food selections are to be varied. This will keep your body processing different foods as well as make the diet easier to stick to. Check out our recipes for meal ideas!
  7. When you weigh yourself be sure to be in the same type of clothing at the same time each day.  Not doing so causes undue concern and confusion or false appearance of weight gain/loss. Also, don't weigh daily. Ups and downs are normal and can be frustrating - weigh in every few days or once a week to see a more steady number.
  8. Make sure you get all your calories in each day – skipping calories will throw your body into a starvation mode which will make it cling to every calorie that it can. It is the fastest way to slow your loss while on the program.
  9. Avoid restaurants when possible.  To a large degree the meats have been “juiced” or manipulated to be more flavorful, tender or juicy, with a multitude of processes that could easily slow your weight loss, particularly chicken.

Health coaches are available to answer questions and help keep you on track at 800-980-7208 or check out our facebook page.

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