Cinnamon for weight loss?!?

Cinnamon for weight loss?!?

Cinnamon is commonly used in recipes to add flavor, but can it also be used for weight loss and to control blood sugar levels?  According to research, cinnamon provides several benefits for the body and weight loss is only one of them.  You can add cinnamon to some of your meals every day to experience these great benefits.

Cinnamon is known for being rich in manganese, calcium, fiber, and iron. The most active compound in cinnamon is methylhydroxy chalcone polymer (MHCP).  When the MHCP in cinnamon was ingested, it increased glucose metabolism, which is beneficial for diabetics and for those looking to lose weight.  More research needs to be conducted to confirm these findings; however, researchers believe that cinnamon may also increase insulin action.  When insulin action is increased, more sugar is taken from the bloodstream and absorbed into the body’s organs. This prevents blood sugar from rising to too high of levels which can be very dangerous.

Cinnamon has also been known to reduce the spread of cancer cells, reducing or curing bacterial infections, and even the formation of stomach ulcers.   It has also been proven to reduce bad cholesterol levels while not affecting good cholesterol levels.   Researchers believe that cinnamon can lower blood sugar to reverse insulin resistance or pre-diabetes.   This spice has been shown to increase glucose metabolism by 20-fold in a test tube assay of fat cells.  When glucose metabolism is improved, weight gain is also prevented.  A study by Dr. Nicola Robinson of Thames University showed that cinnamon helps reduce belly fat and also weight loss in general.

Try adding a quarter of a tablespoon in your protein shake or over your fruit to see the benefits of cinnamon.

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