Controlling Blood Sugar with Amino Diet

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Controlling Blood Sugar with Amino Diet

To understand the Amino Diet, you must first understand a little bit about glucose and blood sugar. Glucose is your body’s fuel that is converted into energy.  It is measured in the blood, but glucose is only made into energy once it’s inside your cells. That’s why it’s the basic raw material that must be effectively transported to your cells in order for it to work.

When your body is at its best, you have a stable blood glucose level. When you have an unbalanced blood sugar level, it causes a host of health problems. High blood sugar levels or hyper-glycemia, causes diabetes – which then causes heart disease, kidney problems and even blindness.

The good news is that our bodies produce insulin to keep our blood sugar levels under control. Insulin allows glucose to be transported efficiently in our bodies The bad news? In many people, especially obese people, insulin is not working as it normally should. When the body does not produce insulin or when there are insufficient numbers of insulin receptors it often results in type 1 diabetes, which raises your blood sugar levels to dangerous heights. Glucose can’t get to the cells without insulin – which is why people with type 1 diabetes need to inject it to control their blood sugar.

Why do your insulin levels go out of whack?

It's part genetics, and part lifestyle. Mostly however, how we treat our bodies is to blame. When we consume a diet of processed food, saturated fat and sugar – bad things happen to our health. Simply stated- the food that you put into your body acts like a kind of medicine. For example, eating more proteins and vegetables causes small amounts of insulin to be released, as opposed to sugar, which causes a flood of insulin in your body. The Amino Diet improves the way your body uses insulin to transport glucose.

When your body is not using insulin properly, you’re in trouble. When glucose doesn’t get to your cells, your body tells itself to secrete more insulin and your pancreas works overtime to produce it. This is known as insulin resistance, and is a precursor to diabetes. Short term, it’s great because your body stabilizes again. But as time passes, your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and hypertension increases. High insulin levels will cause you to gain weight, and makes it nearly impossible to lose weight. With that in mind we must always attempt to balance blood sugar levels for any chance of successful weight loss. The Amino Diet is based on this philosophy and is considered a low glycemic diet plan.

Certain vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals can positively affect your insulin levels. While on the Amino Diet, you’ll be introduced to food that will help keep your insulin and blood sugar levels stable. You’ll also be introduced to Dual Detox, a supplement designed specifically to help control blood sugar levels, while detoxing the body at the same time.

The Amino Diet is key for anyone looking for rapid, healthy weight loss but is also a useful diet plan for anyone trying to prevent diabetes and other chronic disease.  There are three different phases to the Amino Diet, each with a specific purpose. In the beginning phase, the goal is to help detoxify the body and stabilize your blood sugar levels.  This is accomplished by introducing low glycemic foods to the diet and eliminating processed carbohydrates and refined sugars.  In this phase the calories in your diet are limited to promote weight loss, but they can be readjusted once you reach your weight goal. Phase 2 is designed to boost your endocrine system and phase 3 is a lifestyle plan.

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