Phytolacca Berry: Burning Fat & Revitalizing Metabolism

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Phytolacca Berry: Burning Fat & Revitalizing Metabolism

The Amino Diet drops formulation has 9 different ingredients that were all chosen for a specific reason. One of them, the Phytolacca Berry is beneficial in helping an overweight or obese person restore their metabolism to normal, while burning fat and increasing energy. Besides boosting metabolism, this berry also can help reduce cravings of foods high in salt, fat, and oil.

When it comes to weight loss and shedding fat, metabolism is crucial and very important. With the proper metabolism, your body is more alive, full of energy, and essentially a fat burning machine. With low or poor metabolism you will feel sluggish, your body will either be overweight (or headed there), and fat will easily accumulate in the undesirable areas such as back, belly, upper arms, and thighs.

There are many ways to boost your metabolism. However, many of these options use “unnatural” substances or chemical solutions which often have side effects. Research has proven that the Phytolacca Berry can naturally help your body to burn fat and also boost your basal metabolic rate (BMR), which is how much energy you burn while not exercising or doing strenuous activity.  The Phytolacca Berry comes from a plant found in several parts of the world such as the Americas (North and South), New Zealand, and the Eastern part of Asia.

The benefits of this berry (documented in the homeopathic pharmacopeia) make it a powerful ingredient in our homeopathic diet drops, Amino Diet Plus. When combined with the Liquid Amino Diet protocol you will lose unwanted fat, fast without the sluggish feeling of most calorie restrictive diet plans.

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