The Secrets Of Hypothyroidism

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The Secrets Of Hypothyroidism

Over 50% of our population struggles with inadequate thyroid function. The thyroid gland is closely related with weight gain and loss.  Hypothyroidism is a major contributor to weight gain.  In hypothyroidism the gland is less active, slowing the metabolism and altering the digestive process. In turn, the body needs less food for energy and starts storing the fats, ultimately resulting in obesity.

Obesity itself directly works against proper thyroid hormone activation, setting up a vicious cycle that can send a person's system into a perpetually slow metabolism.

So what is the solution to Hypothyroidism?

Lifestyle change is your best bet!  A balanced diet and exercise is key.  You need to form exercise and eating habits that will natural raise your metabolism and fight the effects of hypothyroidism.  Lean muscle requires more energy from the body to maintain and will raise your metabolism.  Healthy carbohydrates (fruits & veggies) and lean meat will also help keep the fat off and promote a more lean physique.  Natural thyroid supplementation is another important factor.

Our exclusive program and products can help you tackle hypothyroidism.  Our Health Coaches are available to assist you in creating a smart and effective plan to dealing with an under active thyroid.

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