Why Eat Protein After a Workout?

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Why Eat Protein After a Workout?

Protein is the key to strong, healthy muscles and is absolutely necessary for our everyday diet. Protein is essential for helping us grow, maintain a healthy immune system, keep our heart functioning properly and to help build and repair lean muscle. Protein is needed for cells to be able to carry out their required functions. After a strong workout, muscles start to break down and need time to repair, heal and rebuild. Lean protein is essential in this part of this process as it helps repair and build lean muscle mass. Protein also helps us feel full for longer periods of time, meaning we tend to eat less and not overeat. Those who are trying to lose fat while gaining muscle should keep this in mind and make a point to eat protein soon after the workout.

Eating protein after a workout helps build and repair existing muscle that has been exhausted from the workout. It is that simple. Any person who wants to gain lean muscle and lose body fat (which, as we all know, will help speed up their metabolism) should look into eating a meal with protein soon after the workout and consider eating some type of protein 5 times a day. Whey protein, in particular, gets digested very quickly which means that it immediately starts repairing and building muscles. Ideally, the Amino Diet whey protein shake or some meal that is high in protein should be consumed within 45 minutes of completing a workout.

The Amino Diet whey protein shake comes in chocolate or vanilla and tastes amazing. It’s nothing like the old “chaulky” tasting protein from the past, the chocolate flavor actually tastes like chocolate milk. It is great tasting, mixes instantly and free of all artificial sweeteners and colors. Perfect post workout, all natural protein supplement.

The Amino Diet Whey Protein is the healthiest, best tasting and most bioavailable whey protein on the market. It comes from grass fed cows. The cows are never subjected to any chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms or injected pathogens. In addition the Amino Diet Whey Protein combines 5 different proteins with 20 grams total per serving, in a precise matrix with virtually no carbohydrates. It contains high levels of branched chain amino acids Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine and has no hydrolyzed proteins.

For best results while on the Amino Diet we recommend that you use the Amino Diet Whey Protein as one of your five meals. The amino acids contained in this protein are essential for maintaining weight loss. It is also highly recommended that you continue using the Amino Diet Whey Protein even after the diet to promote lean muscle and a more active metabolism.

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