Amino Diet Customer Testimonial: Stacy is down 32 pounds!

Amino Diet Customer Testimonial: Stacy is down 32 pounds!

Name: Stacy G.

Starting weight: 162.9

Current Weight: 130.7

Weight Loss: 32.6 Pounds

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How did you feel while on the program?

While on the Amino Diet, I felt amazing! I had more energy, didn't feel bloated, and I could think more clearly. I was not hungry and looked forward to my almonds and coffee or black bean brownies each day! I didn't crave fattening foods, it was more like I wanted to be able to have them just to make going out easier but looking at a meu I feel sick now knowing how many calories are in just one meal!

What was the easiest part? What were some struggles?

The easiest part of the Amino Diet is eating. On an average day not on the diet I would choose some random, not so healthy item to eat because I just didn't know what I wanted or feel like making it. As long as I portioned out my chicken and froze it and had enough veggies and fruits in the house I was good to go!

The biggest struggle on this diet would be having a social life. So much of life revolves around eating out! I have brought my own food before or eaten before hand and just had water while out with friends but it works best for me to avoid going out and doing things with other people while on the diet. Cheats happen and I tried to just get right back on track.

What was the best part?

Hmmm... the best part of this diet? There are so many thing I like about it! The most exciting would be getting on the scale and seeing the numbers go down so quickly! That in combination with having so much more self confidence and getting compliments!

What are your stats? (inches lost, weight)

I have lost a total of 32.6 pounds. I do not know what size pants I wore because I refused to buy anything larger than a 12! I am now wearing a 3/4 and they are starting to be a little big on me. I currently weigh 130.3 and I'm 5'2". I plan on doing one more round after I work out and firm up.

Any blood sugar changes? Medication changes?

Before I did this diet I had to stop wearing my wedding ring because of some sort of allergic reaction. i think it may be gluten. I can now wear my wedding ring and I don't have any problems.

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