Amino Diet Review : Gladys

Amino Diet Review : Gladys

While on the diet, I felt amazing. I really felt ‘clean’ literally while doing the program. I knew I was doing something great for my body/health. I not only lost 40 lbs. in approximately 4 months, but I daily saw my frame shrinking. It was beautiful, glorious, and so inspiring to be empowered to finally meet my weight-loss and overall health goals. Amino diet has been the instrumental key component in my being able to secure my success in my lifetime challenge in the ‘battle of the bulge.’

The easiest part was having a guideline of foods (which by the way, a great variety). It took the guesswork out of the program. No counting points, pre-packaged foods or nonsense like that. I was eating everyday foods that I would purchase at my local grocery store. I travel (international & domestic) a lot, so this flexibility was paramount to me, because you can purchase fresh fruits/veggies and meat in almost any part of the world.

Some of my struggles were the occasional time I desired a dessert, or sweets. It had nothing to do with the program itself, because they have a ton of great recipes of all kind to satisfy your delectable desires.  It was my sheer laziness, so you can see even lazy people in regards to food preparation can be successful on Amino Diet.

The best part of the program was obviously seeing the actual ‘weight loss. I was so encouraged daily to stay on course because the scale was going down (.5 to 1lb) daily when done properly.  Also, after a while having to go out and purchase new clothes, and niceties, such as beautiful lingerie.  I simply have felt more confident, cute, and dainty in achieving my weight-loss goals on the Amino Diet.

I lost 40lbs since November 2012 on the Amino Diet. I weighed 227, and now am down to 187. I am looking to lose an additional 42 lbs. for a goal weight of 145 lbs. Unfortunately, I have not been diligent in keeping up with inches lost; however, I went down 6 dress sizes, from a size 18 to size 12. Woohoo!

I was on blood pressure medication; however, was able to come off when my blood pressure regulated, and returned to normal on the Amino Diet program. I visited my doctor, and she was excited with my weight-loss results. Dr. Gundeva had advised me to get the weight off, so she was impressed and congratulated me, inspiring me to stay with the Amino Diet program.

Oh my God, this was the best part. People were simply mesmerized how my body was shrinking weekly. My colleagues were talking about the ‘thinness’ of my waistline, simply disappearing. I was doing before and after photos on my Facebook profile every 2 weeks, to keep my followers up-to-date.  People were astonished with my weight-loss results. Many asked what was I doing, and I gladly directed them to the Amino Diet program. This has been the simplest, easiest, most effective program that I’ve ever been on (and I’ve tried them all). It was essentially a God-send for me to find this program as I was at my wit’s end. Now, I am ‘hot, beautiful’ and in the best shape that I have been in since a very long time. Thanks Amino Diet!

Join Gladys and the thousands of Amino Dieters who have lost weight and changed their lives by clicking here or by calling 1-800-980-7208 and speaking with a certified health coach. 


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