Amino Diet Review | Maragret Lost 35 pounds!

Amino Diet Review | Maragret Lost 35 pounds!

"I want to share my story of a journey I took in the beginning of this year to a better me. I started my diet in January and lost only a few pounds. Then I found the Amino Diet. I started the diet program in mid-February and I lost 35 pounds by April.

I could have lost more but I cheat a little bit on the weekends, I like to have a few low calorie cocktails. I love this product and all the support I received. And you can see the results. The Amino Diet taught me how to eat and portion my food, which has been my problem. Mentally, my mind is now stamped with the amount of food I need to consume to feel good and not be hungry but also keep the weight off. I'm still on the program and have 30 pounds to lose to accomplish my goal. I will keep everyone posted once I reach it and move on to the other phases. This is the only diet plan that has worked for me. I LOVE IT! Thank you!" - Margaret K.

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Results may vary depending on your level of commitment, physical condition, lifestyle and diet.

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