Amino Diet | Michelle has lost 170 pounds!

Amino Diet | Michelle has lost 170 pounds!

"Happy Skinny Anniversary to me! Three years ago on April 1st, I began my journey with the Amino Diet starting at about 330 pounds. In 18 months, I lost over 150 pounds and I'm now down 170 pounds!

My health has also improved so much, and I'm feeling great! The last couple of years have been super stressful also but with the structure I've learned on the program, I've managed to stay on track and not gain back what I've lost - which would have been very difficult for me in the past.

Now I'm wanting to lose 30 pounds more and get down to my college weight, and I know the program will help me get there. I'm also a singer/songwriter and entertainer in Branson, Missouri, and I've been able to share with many friends and fans about this great tool to change their lives, also.

Thanks so much for the great product and program! And don't give up, everyone - changing my life and helping me prepare for a better and healthier future has made it SO worthwhile! Hugs to all!!" - Michelle D.

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Results may vary depending on your level of commitment, physical condition, lifestyle and diet.

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