Amino Diet Review | Miya lost 48.8 pounds!

Amino Diet Review | Miya lost 48.8 pounds!

A 41 year old wife, mother and business owner who has struggled with other weight loss programs for years, Miya has just started her second round of the Amino Diet and has lost 48.8 pounds total! She not only looks amazing but is feeling amazing too! Read her story in her own words:

"I am a 41 year old wife, mother and business owner who has really never been 100% happy with my weight, but just like most peopel out there, I'd gain a few pounds, see myself in a photo from a few months prior and think to myself, "Boy if I was that weight again, I wouldn't have so much to lose." I am a chef and my husband a souix chef so needless to say, I am around food most of the day! I think I've tried many of the diets on the market at one time or another, and though I may have lost some weight on them, I could never manage to keep any of it off, in fact the end result was always me being heavier than when I started... until the Amino Diet.

Like many of you, I was SOOOO skeptical about this plan, especially when it said lose weight fast... gimick in the amking right? Wrong!! I took a chance and ordered after reading so many of the success stories and seeing so many phenomenal before and after photos, and to my delight, Dr. Finsand got it so wonderfully right!! This plan works! Oh sure in the first few days I had some issues with sugar cravings, but that's all they were (cravings), because I absolutely was not hungry in the least bit. The drops give you such a good cleansed healthy feeling and after being taught how to eat the right foods, by the time I entered into phase 2 the weight loss was incredibly easy to maintain, no sugar cravings whatsoever, and I even went out to dinner a few times, and actually I lost an additional 4 pounds!

I started at 251.8 pounds, did 90 days and my current weight is 203, for a total loss of 48.8 pounds. One of my favorite things to eat is frozen grapes in my protein shaek and also grapes cut in half in my cottage cheese with a bit of toffee flavoried stevia.

I had about a thousand questions throughout and the coaches pleasantly answered each and every one of them, so everything was crystal clear. My biggest advise to those who are starting this game changer would be to follow protocol and ask questions when in doubt. Besides, the gurus don't mind... they're rooting us on all the way!" - Miya S

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Results may vary depending on your level of commitment, physical condition, lifestyle and diet.


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  • Jackie Jones

    I have been on so many diets.
    I really want to try these drops.

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