Amino Diet Weight Loss: Missy K

Amino Diet Weight Loss: Missy K

Missy is a 26 year old female from Utah. She originally started on the HCG Diet. Since that time, her willingness to share has made her an inspiration to the health coaches as well as countless other dieters. She has now transitioned with us to the Amino Diet and continues to motivate others!

"When I initially started my adventure I never thought what I have now achieved would be possible. I started out weighing 230lbs and trying diet after diet to try and get the weight down. I got to where I am now from three things: determination, HCG, and The Amino Diet. It was a rough go the first three rounds of HCG. I was quite pleased when they finally developed the Amino Diet. This diet, unlike the HCG diet allows you to have double the amount of calories and still experience the same results! Amazing!

I am currently on my second round and looking forward to being 20lbs below where I was in Jr. High! Can you imagine?? Jr High school!! Well I could go on and on.. but i'll let the pictures do the talking for me."

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