Renee Lost 80 Pounds On The Amino Diet!

Renee Lost 80 Pounds On The Amino Diet!

Meet our Amino Diet spotlight, Renee! She lost 80 pounds using the Amino Diet. We asked her about her journey... check it out in her own words! 

"When I had my last physical checkup, my doctor expressed of how proud she was of my success. She really was very enthusiastic about my weight loss!  She had encouraged me to continue until I hit my goal and she even said it was a motivation for her." - Renee

How did you feel while on the program?

I am proud to say that this is my second submission to your company. As I stated in my first testimonial, I have tried to lose weight for years with minimal success. Then I would gain back all the pounds and more.  I found that when I followed protocol as prescribed, I was not hungry on this program; however at the beginning I had major mad cravings for my sugary snacks. These cravings became less intense as the days and weeks went by.

What was the easiest part? What were some struggles?

Being on this program for almost a year now, I find the easiest part of this diet continues to be the simplicity of following the Protocol. It was simple to follow and easy to make my weekly preparations based on it. On the other hand doing this for a longer than 90 days has been a struggle.  I had to be very determined to stick to this. I found the Amino Diet community and health coaches were very helpful in that area.

What was the best part?

The best part of this program continues to the incredible rapid weight lost. But surprisingly, an added part to this is how I have developed skills to keep the weight off.  When I did fail to eat well and would experience a gain I would immediately go back to protocol. I also added light daily exercise.

What are your stats? (Inches lost, weight)

I lost a total of 80 lbs. in 10 months.  My immediate goal is to get into the Amino Diet 100 Club before the end of the year! I still have more to lose and I will continue with the Amino Diet. 


Was anybody commenting or complimenting you?

At the beginning of my weight loss journey I received so much attention. I had friends that ordered this product because my results. I received emails, Facebook requests and was told I should think about starting an Amino Diet weight loss group at my place of employment. Because we as a  society are so used to seeing the expected yo-yo cycle of diet programs, I believed people expected me to quickly gain back the weight, I say this because now  now most of the compliments I receive now are congratulations  for keeping the weight off.

Renee is one of the tens of thousands of people who have lost weight and improved their health on the Amino Diet! You can do it too! Call 800-980-7208 or click here to get started!


  • Gigi

    I have also lost weight, total of about 25 lbs, when I went on this diet also, I’ve been off it for quite awhile now and the pounds have slowly crept back on even as I try to eat healthy and excersize 3 x a week, so I’m thinking of going back on, it seems to be the only thing that worked for me also! Congratulations to you on your weight loss!

  • Philly

    renee’s testimony is amazing!! Congratulations-I am wondering if you or anyone out there knows where I can purchased the protein powder -I am so sad that the company doesn’t sale it anymore-it was perfect for my busy schedule and helped curb my sweet cravings

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