Amino Diet Total Body Transformation Kit

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Utilizing our Amino Diet Weight Loss Program and natural supplements, this kit is everything you need to lose weight and get healthy.

Each Amino Diet Total Body Transformation Kit Includes:

  • Your Body, Your Life guidebook:  This book is the key to success on the Amino Diet weight loss program. It will explain the science behind the program and why it works as well as walk you step by step through the program. Your very first step in your body transformation, is reading this book! 
  • 30 Day Menu Book: Take the guess work completely out of the program! We provide menus, shopping lists and recipes to guide you through the program each day. Amino Diet customers have said this was the most helpful tool in reaching their weightloss goals. 
  • Amino Diet oral drops: These homeopathic drops include 9 ingredients, including 3 amino acids, to help you lose weight quickly. They are proven to help mobilize fat, boost metabolism, control cravings and suppress appetite. Each bottle is a 30 day supply. 
  • Daily Detox Supplement: Pharmaceutical grade supplement that is designed to rid the body of toxins that can lead to obesity and hormone imbalance. Each bottle is a 60 day supply.  
  • Stress Less Supplement: Pharmaceutical grade supplement designed to support the adrenal glands and provide a healthy response to stress. Each bottle is a 30 day supply. 
  • Vitamin D3 Supplement: Recommended to lower blood pressure and blood sugar as well as reduce the risk of developing metabolic sydrome. Research has also shown that high levels of vitamin D are associated with weight loss success. Each bottle is a 60 day supply. 
  • Protein Shaker Bottle: Protein shakes are a great meal or snack while on the Amino Diet. Always be prepared with an Amino Diet shaker bottle. 
  • Amino Diet Water Bottle: Drinking half your body weight in ounces is recommended while trying to lose weight. Keep on track with the Amino Diet water bottle.
  • Amino Diet Support: Whether through phone, facebook messenger or email - we are available to answer questions and cheer you on through your weight loss journey! 

The 30 Day supply contains one of everything listed above. This actually gives you an extra 30 days of Daily Detox, Vitamin D3 (depending on dose). 

The 60 Day supply contains 60 Days worth of every supplement. This means everything in the 30 day supply plus an additional:

  • Bottle of Amino Diet Drops (2 total)
  • Bottle of Stress Less Formula (2 total)

The 90 Day Supply contains 90 days worth of every supplement and an extra 30 days of Daily Detox, Vitamin D3 depending on dose). When you purchase a 90 day supply, you will get everything in the 30 day supply plus:

  • 2 additional bottles of Amino Diet Drops (3 total)
  • additional bottle of Daily Detox (2 total)
  • 2 additional bottles of Stress Less (3 total)
  • additional bottle of Vitamin D3 (2 total)
If you are ready to improve your health and transform your body, this is the kit for you! Simply decide between the 30, 60 and 90 day kit and join the thousands of others who have lost weight on the Amino Diet.