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Why Choose The Amino Diet

What is the Amino DietThe Amino Diet is an all-natural, safe, research based weight loss program, sometimes called a low glycemic diet. Foods include fruits, vegetables, lean meats, healthy fats and more. It has long been used in doctors offices throughout the United States & Europe for rapid, healthy weight loss.

The homeopathic drops & supplements suppress your appetite, help you to feel great & accelerate your weight loss efforts.

Amino Diet Benefits

The Amino Diet reduces the body's need for insulin, which is the hormone that stores sugar as fat. It helps prevent fat from forming around the hips and waist; instead, it assists a hormone called glucagon in releasing stored energy, both glucose and fatty acids, which essentially melts mid-section fat.

By loading up on healthy, low glycemic foods & small portions of protein throughout the day, you can being to increase your lean muscle mass & decrease your body fat. This is important as your muscles burn significantly more calories per day than fat.

Amino Diet helps you get the body you've always dreamed of much faster!

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How the amino diet works

It's not another fad diet. In fact, it's just the opposite. Amino Diet lets you EAT five meals a day! You eat low glycemic foods that help you feel full and satisfied - so you can finally start losing weight.

What's the secret? Our exclusive homeopathic drops and weight loss supplements. Dr. Finsand, our founder and formulator, designed our products to help control blood sugar levels, which not only promotes weight loss but also helps balance hormones.

Combined with our eating plan, these supplements help your body remove toxins and burn fat, quickly. Thats all. It's that simple!

Amino Diet Protocol
The Amino Diet has 3 separate, but equally important phases.

Phase 1 - The main weight loss phase that lasts anywhere from 30-90 days. This is where you will be eating clean and begin taking our Aminoi Diet drops. You will be eating about 1000 calories of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and even some carbs and healthy fats.
Phase 2 - The 3 weeks immediately after phase 1. The goal of this phase is to create a new weight set point that your body can easily maintain.
Phase 3 - This is when you make these new eating habits a lifestyle. You are slowly adding back sugars and starches while eating a normal number of calories for your body weight.

You can repeat these phases multiple times if you have more weight to lose. We have seen clients lose over 100 pounds (and a few even over 200 pounds) by repeating these phases!

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