Amino Diet Before And After - Diane S.

Amino Diet Before And After - Diane S.

Diane S. is a 60 year old woman who was on the path to losing weight with weight watchers. She enjoyed the journey and lost about 100 pounds (although it came off very slowly). A few years later she fell and broke her pelvis in 3 places. Her lack of mobility, and depression caused her to gain back about 40 pounds. She tried weight watchers again and couldn't seem to find success with it a second time. Then she discovered the Amino Diet.

"I saw the ad for Amino Diet on Facebook and checked out the page.  It sounded like maybe, maybe, I could do it.  I am on Phase 2 now after losing 34.5 lbs in 90 days.  It would have been more but, frankly, I had some cheats including pretty much the entire month of May since I celebrated my 60th birthday from the 1st to the 31st.  This was something I knew before starting since  I love my birthday and 60 is a big one!  I am looking forward to going back to Phase 1 and losing another 20lbs to get me to goal.  It will happen, I'm not in a hurry.  It's a journey and one to be enjoyed.  But I think I learned from round 1 and will stay on protocol!  With the support from the health coaches and all the other people who are making the same journey, its like a WW meeting. It's fun to "like" and comment and help everyone stay upbeat.

And the part I love the most? How GOOD I feel on Amino Diet, how I'm walking for pleasure and exercise again. The feeling of well being is almost better than the weight!"

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