Amino Diet Biggest Losers (WINNERS)!!

Amino Diet Biggest Losers (WINNERS)!!

Angel lost an amazing 200 pounds!

"I started at 346 pounds. After the first month I was almost to 300 pounds and could see the hope of being less than 300 and 299 looked beautiful. My three sons deserved better than I was giving them and this was a way to be a better mom. I deserved better than what I was giving myself. I found hope." - Angel

Elizabeth Lost 95 Pounds! 

"The proof in the pudding for me was when my physician wanted to know what diet I was on.  Not because of concern or to make sure it was healthy for me…but because SHE wanted to go on it too after reviewing my blood work!

As of today, I’ve lost almost 60 inches and over 95 pounds! Thank you Amino Diet! I fit into a size 6  at Talbots today!  I was pretty excited!  A pencil skirt and a sheath dress with NO give! LOL!”  - Elizabeth 


Amber lost 102 pounds!



“This morning I hit 139 which is actually 102 lbs from when I started 1 year ago on October 1st, 2012.  I To celebrate I did a little early shopping – I bought a dress and a new pair of pants.  The dress is a Size Small and the pants are a Size 4!  That’s down from size 20!!! " - Amber 


Mother and Daughter pair, Caroline and Cindy lost a combined 60 pounds!

"The weight came flying off!!! The difference you would see in your body because you were losing weight and inches was amazing!!!"  Caroline has lost 30 pounds and over 30 inches and Cindy has lost 31.5 pounds and 29.5 inches. Also, Cindy is a Type 2 diabetic and her blood sugar now runs in the 90’s and under 110.

Deidre has lost 150 pounds in the last year!

"So far I’ve lost 150 pounds in one year.  I can’t say that these are my after pictures just yet.  I will lose another 20 pounds and see if that’s where I’m happy.  All I know is I am amazed by the rapid success that I’ve had.  This program has changed my life." - Dedire


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