Amino Diet Results: Valerie Lost 22 Pounds in ONE Month!

Amino Diet Results: Valerie Lost 22 Pounds in ONE Month!

Name: Valerie F.

Starting Weight: 178

Ending Weight: 156

Pounds Lost: 22

Time on program: ONE MONTH!

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How did you feel while on the program?

I enjoyed the program, it took a while to get used to not eating the foods that were a normal part of my day. But, as the pounds left the program became easier and I never felt hungry.  I finally took control of my food choices and picked healthier options. It was nice to get on the scale daily and see the number continuously drop.  I had a burst of new energy and felt great on the program.

What was the easiest part? What were some struggles?

The easiest part for me was meal planning, preparing multiple lunches in advance. Also, I was no longer starving between meals, because the drops kept my appetite under control. Grocery shopping was a challenge, having children in the home and being somebody without any willpower, had to complete cut out all the unhealthy food options in the home. Another struggle was family functions, where healthy food options were not available, I started carrying nonperishable food in my purse and in the car for such occasions. Also, I did not eat out at all while on the plan.

What was the best part?

The best part hands down was getting on the scale daily and watching the number drop. It was my motivation to continue on, even though at times, I just wanted a Starbucks latte or Chipotle. There has been nothing else I tried that was so consistent and easy. Although, I worked out, I didn’t really have to, the weight loss was consistent throughout my time on the drops (exercise or not).

What are your stats? (Inches lost, weight)

I have lost a total of 22 lbs, started at 178 lbs and am now currently at 156 in one month’s time. My goal weight is to reach 139, but will reevaluate after another 10. I went for my annual physical, my doctor complimenting me on weight loss and now having a normal BMI. Family, friends, and co-workers all noticed my drastic weight loss. Everybody wanted to know how I did it! I was finally able to wear clothes I haven’t worn in years and it felt great!

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