Amino Diet Weight Loss Review: Karen K.

Amino Diet Weight Loss Review: Karen K.

Karen is a 27 year old female from Chicago. During college she developed some bad eating habits and got up to a size 18/20 in women and reached 294 pounds. She decided to do something about it and lost 75 pounds on her own through changing her eating habits, drinking more water, colon cleansing, and exercise but then she reached a plateau that she couldn't seem to break through.

"I initially found The Amino Diet through researching the HCG Diet. I saw that it was the same results (around .5-1 pound a day) with double calories. I was excited that I also could exercise on this protocol because I still wanted to keep active. I decided to order only 1 round because I was HIGHLY skeptical. Well to my surprise IT WORKED. I busted through my plateau on the first round I lost 13 pounds!! The best part is I did not gain ANY weight back. I took a month off and now I'm on my second round I have 30 pounds to my goal weight and I am very excited to reveal my "new body" for my college graduation next month.

THIS DIET IS THE BEST DIET EVER!!! It really teaches you about portion control and adequate water consumption.  My best advice is TRY IT. It is reasonably priced and it teaches you so much about your body and metabolism and gives you great eating habits for the rest of your life plus the customer service is THE BEST!!"

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