Cody lost 1 pound per day on the Amino Diet

Cody lost 1 pound per day on the Amino Diet

"Thank you so much. I truly love and believe in the Amino Diet and Dr. Finsand. It has been so effective for me.

I am 34 and have had fluctuating weight problems since my early 20's. I have battled hormone problems and yo-yo diets to try to help maintain a healthy weight. The Amino Diet is not so much a diet as it is a healthy way of living and eating and has enabled me to feel nourished and without cravings for sugar. I feel better than ever about my food choices and believe the amino diet to be the best way to maintain motivation when trying to change bad eating habits. Nothing motivates like progress and I have been able to lose around a pound a day for the past month.

Drinking one ounce of water for each pound of bodyweight seemed difficult at first, but has now become something I look forward to. The variety of foods has been very helpful and the fact that you can enjoy some dairy while on the program has definitely helped me stay on track. Currently, I am down 26 lbs in just under a month.  I plan to continue for about 15 more. Thanks for everything Dr. Finsand. I hope that my experience can help others. I know those around me have definitely noticed a big difference."

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