Krysta lost 63 pounds with Amino Diet

Krysta lost 63 pounds with Amino Diet

I felt great while on the Amino Diet. I have energy and confidence again!  The easiest part was buying the food but I did struggle with making meals. I wish this program had a cook book available to purchase. The best part was seeing the weight come off so fast. Each week I’d be in a new size pant and that felt great!

This is my weight loss journey. I started at 245 lbs. As of today (just about 5 months later) I'm at 182. I was a size 22 down to a size 12. I've never felt better in my life. I have so much energy and I just feel alive!

Haven’t gone to the doctors since my weight loss but I have seen a skin condition that I has before losing the weight just disappear after losing weight  Everyone that I see has given so many compliments especially family and really close friends. I’ve met with a few fiends that I haven’t seen since high school and they don’t even know it’s me until I talk. Since my weight loss I've referred Amino Diet to all my friends because I know that this isn't just any other "diet" its realistic and a lifestyle change. Thank you Amino Diet!!

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