Lauren lost 35 pounds in 45 days!

Lauren lost 35 pounds in 45 days!

How did you feel while on the program?

While I was on Amino Diet I felt absolutely wonderful...I had a lot of energy and day by day seemed to get easier.

What was the easiest part? What were some struggles?

The easiest part of Amino Diet was being able to enjoy what I ate. There were so many foods on the approved list that I loved so I found it easy to mix and match 5 small meals a day. A struggle at the same time was not being able to eat some foods that I loved most and learning how to say no and substituting.

What was the best part?

The best part of Amino Diet was the results and how fast I saw results. I lost 35 lbs with Amino Diet in 1.5 months.

Was anybody commenting or complimenting you?

Yes! I have only Amino to thank for the weight I have lost, as well as the mind set it has embedded in me. I have recommended several people to Amino because it really works! Its so hard to find one that is for you and that works. People constantly still can't believe my weight loss journey and I am complimented more often than ever, so much at times that I’m not sure how to take it at times.

My Weight Loss Journey....

Ok where to even begin. What did I do to lose 35 lbs ? Number one thing I did was get my mind right and learn what NO means.  I woke up after grocery shopping one day ($200 worth) and looked in my fridge and cabinets and said nope, I cant do this anymore, and something weird happened that morning... I got disgusted looking at all the junk food I had purchased. At that point and time I knew I was done eating like that but had NO idea it was going to lead where I am today.

So I packed up all $200 worth of groceries and headed right back to Kroger, and as embarrassing as it was, I returned them all. No diet in mind just bought meat and veggies and fruits. I went home and by day 3 I said oh my how am I going to do this... I saw what the scale said and the clothes # read and said I have to do this, and there is no other time than now. At that point in time it was just a diet.. now its a lifestyle change.. You get used to what you eat. Is it hard, do you want to give up, are you having a bad day and want comfort food??? YES but its all about how bad you want it and will power.

After a bit I realized I needed help so I began researching everything I could find about losing weight with healthy eating. I came across “Amino Diet” and researched it and one night sitting on the couch I picked up the phone at 9:00 pm and spoke with the nicest lady that spoke with me over an hour telling me the dos and don'ts, the possible results, how it worked, etc. I received the drops only days later and ran over the manual (which is a lifesaver, I carried the book everywhere with me to refer to constantly). About a week later a lady from the office called to just simply see how it was going and see how I was doing.

I weighed myself daily. I averaged .5-1lb off a day. The biggest thing I can say about Amino is not only does it work but I have been off the drops for some time now and have not gained ANY of the weight back. The people at Amino really want to see you succeed and are always there for you!

My biggest advice to you:

  • WANT it more than anything else.. you are your biggest fan and no one wants it worse than you do. At times you are your worst enemy but you will thank yourself.
  • Change to lifestyle mindset not diet. Diet is temporary you lose the weight and your off the diet and gain it back. Lifestyle is perm.
  • Be strict on yourself.
  • COUNT calories
  • Eat 5 small meals, making breakfast your highest calorie count
  • Drink at least half your weight in ounces of water (cut out ALL soda, and coffee unless you use stevia to sweeten)
  • Work out 3 times a week. Nothing too crazy, walk, bike, elliptical, weights
  • Eat a lot of protein (5 servings, 4 vegs, 2 fruits)
  • Weigh your food
  • Keep a journal or write down your progress.- pictures is another good way-- it will remind you when times get hard the reason you are doing all this!
  • Get a dress or jeans that you fall in love with that's 4 sizes too small and say in 2 months I'm wearing this.
  • Don't cheat until you reach your first goal... then if you love and miss pizza, go and have 1 slice to satisfy your craving. (sounds crazy I know because I could go and eat 3 slices.. now your telling me to eat 1? After so long you will only be able to eat one and be full, your stomach shrinks a lot and guilt comes over you to where 1 is fine)
  • NEVER EAT AFTER 8:00 pm!!

If you are also ready to lose 35 pounds, fast, call the Amino Diet health coaches  800-980-7208 or click below to get started!

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