Amino Diet Drops Ingredient To Turn Food Into Energy

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Amino Diet Drops Ingredient To Turn Food Into Energy

One of the ingredients in our Amino Diet drops is a-Ketoglutaicum Acidum, or AKG. This is used often by peak performance athletes and bodybuilders and plays a critical role in the Krebs Cycle, also known as the Citric Acid Cycle. This is a very important process of the body, whereby the body generates energy from carbs, fats, and proteins. 

So, why did we add AKG to our Amino Diet drops? Studies have shown that AKG (a-Ketoglutaicum Acidum) helps the body to properly metabolize amino acids and transfer energy. In addition, AKG can cause the level of ammonia (bad stuff) to be reduced in areas such as the muscles, kidneys, and brain. While following the Amino Diet protocol, the AKG in our drops helps you process your food into energy and eliminate toxins from the body. Check out the complete Amino Diet Plus formulation here.

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