Change Your Mindset About "Dieting"

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Change Your Mindset About "Dieting"

Often when we think about “dieting” we imagine starving ourselves with bland, boring foods, and eating only rabbit food. In reality, diet is just what one eats and drinks in a day. A healthy diet should contain a balance of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. In general, we recommend 40% of your calories come from proteins, 30% from healthy fats, and 30% from carbohydrates. Remember that if your goal is to lose weight and be healthy, the quality of the foods is as important as the quantity. The formula is not just as simple as calories in vs. calories out. 1000 calories of healthy foods is not the same as 1000 calories of unhealthy foods. Your body needs healthy foods to run efficiently.

One goal of the Amino Diet is to change your thinking about the word “diet”. When you think about the word “diet”, we want you to start thinking about training. If you are training for something, you are acquiring knowledge, skills, and competence. So, when you are looking at the Amino Diet, think of it as training for the rest of your life. The diet will train you how to eat healthy, that you don't really need as many starches and sugars in your diet as you think, that you really do enjoy healthy foods and that you can continue to eat healthy for a lifetime.

If you were training for a marathon, although you would think the opposite, you should begin slowly and rest often. If fact, many runners never run the full 26.2 miles of a marathon until the day of the race. With our diet it's the same thing. We want you to start slowly and get used to things while losing the weight and then slowly transition into eating more normally and in moderation. So the diet works in three phases. Each phase is necessary for success. You start with the main weight loss phase where you will learn what foods will maximize your health and help you lose weight. Phase two will help you start adding in new foods and getting yourself back to a “regular” diet. And lastly the final phase of the diet is the rest of your life phase, because the training, or healthy eating, never ends. Now we aren't saying that you can never have another slice of birthday cake or popcorn at the movies, but we are saying that after you “train” with us… you will know to eat it in moderation.

Remember that the health coaches are here to help you through each phase of the program – including the lifelong support. If you catch yourself falling back into old habits, start being an active participant on our facebook page and call the health coaches for some tips and advice! We are available at 1-800-980-7208.


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