Committing to your weight loss goals

Committing to your weight loss goals

Weight loss can seem like an insurmountable task, especially if we have developed a habit of being less active while making poor food choices.  The simple truth is that we can make significant progress toward our weight loss goals even when we begin by taking small steps.  The success lies in the motivation to actually start a program along with the desire and discipline to make it last.  When we start to see the progress, it becomes easier to keep the motivation and take larger steps to increase the results.

The first step is making a conscious connection between what we buy and what we eat.  If we choose not to buy junk foods with our other groceries, we will not have these in the house during those moments of weakness when we feel tempted.  We can also recognize why and when we eat.  Boredom and stress do not equate to meal times.  Eating small but healthy meals throughout the day helps us to drop the weight without feeling tired or hungry.

By having a healthy diet, preferably also with combined with increased physical activity, it becomes much easier to start shedding the pounds.  Simply burning 500 more calories each day for a week will cause us to lose 1-2 pounds.  Picking the right foods for our meals while eliminating less healthy choices will help us burn more calories.  We should also limit our sodium and starch intake, which helps us lose water retention.  We should also get in the habit of reading nutrition labels.  Sodium and sugar are often the hidden ingredients in many prepackaged foods, bakery items and spice mixes.  Foods that advertise that they have reduced or eliminated certain unhealthy ingredients will usually have overcompensated with other unhealthy ingredients.  For example: “Low-fat” foods are often higher in sodium and sugar; “Low-sodium” foods may be higher in fat and sugar.  Look for healthy ways to reduce these ingredients, preferably by making your own foods and seasoning blends.

Never underestimate the mind-body connection.  When we are under stress, we may be likely to eat more often or consume unhealthy “comfort” foods.  Stress also affects how our bodies produce and use hormones, causing hormonal imbalances which lead to weight gain.  The right foods and supplements can be medicinal, helping regulate our hormones and shed unwanted pounds.  Also supplementing with herbal vitamins such as Stress Less can help reduce the effects of stress on the human body.  Vitamin B, such as ENERGY, has been shown to help us keep a healthy nervous system and help convert glucose into energy.  These two supplements can help combat stress and mental fatigue.

The Amino Diet is twofold, using scientifically-proven supplements while also utilizing five healthy, low-glycemic daily meals to help with weight loss.  This causes us to avoid the hunger pains and jitters so common with other diet programs and pills.  By allowing the body to naturally detox, it eliminates some of the physical causes of stress while also balancing hormones.  These crucial vitamins and antioxidants used in the Amino Diet drops and supplements have been scientifically shown to dramatically reduce the effects of stress, manage blood sugar, and even metabolize fats.  By having meals throughout the day, it is the opposite of a starvation diet, thereby increasing the chance for long-term success.

When looking to shed excess weight, it is important to find a safe solution while also incorporating these different approaches to weight loss.  We understand how important it is to feel and look your best.  The Amino Diet has been proven to help with weight loss, backed by thousands of testimonials along with a 30-day, no questions asked money back guarantee.  This is our commitment to you.  All you need to do is make the commitment to yourself and your goals. Let us help you. Call 800-980-7208 and talk to a certified Health Coach today.

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